Friday, November 28, 2014

Suit Production Update

Wanted to take a moment to update on suit production.  I am running way behind schedule as family life keeps intruding.  One of the drawbacks of working from home, and a primary reason why I rarely do pre-orders and commissions.  So my deepest apologies for the delay, and appreciation for the patience of everyone awaiting their order.  I also have jury duty next week, with no idea if I will get called in or not.  Meanwhile, I will be focused on production for the remainder of the weekend to finish up as many orders as possible.

I was hoping to have a holiday collection, but not sure if that will happen in time -- will update if I'm able to showcase that soon.

One of the family situations that came up recently was the passing of our adored Lab, Timber.  He had a long life, full of love, and it was his time, so no regrets just a healthy dose of sadness here at our home.  I posted a picture of him from about 3 years ago -- he was one of those rare dogs that was adorably cute like a puppy for his entire life.  He brought us a tremendous amount of joy, and was truly one of the best dogs (in a pretty impressive lineup of great dogs) I've ever had the pleasure to have as a family member.  So for all of you that have a special furry one in your family, give them some extra love today, and enjoy every moment.

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