Friday, November 28, 2014

Suit Production Update

Wanted to take a moment to update on suit production.  I am running way behind schedule as family life keeps intruding.  One of the drawbacks of working from home, and a primary reason why I rarely do pre-orders and commissions.  So my deepest apologies for the delay, and appreciation for the patience of everyone awaiting their order.  I also have jury duty next week, with no idea if I will get called in or not.  Meanwhile, I will be focused on production for the remainder of the weekend to finish up as many orders as possible.

I was hoping to have a holiday collection, but not sure if that will happen in time -- will update if I'm able to showcase that soon.

One of the family situations that came up recently was the passing of our adored Lab, Timber.  He had a long life, full of love, and it was his time, so no regrets just a healthy dose of sadness here at our home.  I posted a picture of him from about 3 years ago -- he was one of those rare dogs that was adorably cute like a puppy for his entire life.  He brought us a tremendous amount of joy, and was truly one of the best dogs (in a pretty impressive lineup of great dogs) I've ever had the pleasure to have as a family member.  So for all of you that have a special furry one in your family, give them some extra love today, and enjoy every moment.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I have several new suits available for the new FR body as well as the Silkstone BFMC . There is one of each suit pictured available for immediate shipment (any orders paid by Monday, Sept 22, 2014 will be shipped immediately -- orders placed after that time will be shipped upon my return from the Philippines in Mid-October). I will be taking limited pre-orders for additional suits for November production/shipment with pre-payment at time of order. Body size can be specified with order, as well as skirt style.  If you have any questions please email me at:

SOLD Fresh: Fits best on older FR, but shown on the new body -- Fresh is a OOAK ensemble featuring a cotton strapless dress with floral embroidery on the bodice and tone-on-tone striping on the skirt. It is paired with a linen/silk blend jacket with Duchess silk satin contrast collar. $60 plus shipping

Metallic Cheetah Suit
SOLD-  Metallic Cheetah suit with contrast shawl collar: Shown on the new FR/FR2 body, it is available for order in either this size, or with a sleeve length fit to the Silkstone BFMC body. Suit is two piece, fully lined with snap closures. $65 plus shipping

Silver Leaf Suit
SOLD --Silver Leaf Suit with Shawl Collar as shown on FR/FR2 bod. Can be ordered for either this size, or Silkstone BFMC sleeve length. Two-piece, fully-lined suit with crystal button detail and silk Charmuese contrast collar. $65 plus shipping

Silver Zebra Suit
SOLD -- Silver Zebra Suit with 3/4 length cuffed sleeves and long pleated skirt -- shown on both FR/FR2 and Silkstone BFMC. I can take orders for the suit in either size, and also can be done with the shorter, unpleated skirt as shown in the Cheetah Metallic Suit. Two piece suit, fully-lined with snap closures  $70 plus shipping

Tapestry Shawl Collar Suit

SOLD: Tapesty Shawl Collar suit shown on FR/FR2 body. Two piece suit, fully-lined with snap closure. $65 plus shipping

Tapestry 3/4 Sleeve Suit with Pleated Skirt
SOLD: -Tapestry Suit with 3/4 length sleeves and pleated skirt: shown on Silkstone BFMC, but also fits FR/FR2 as shown in the Silver Zebra photos. Two piece, fully-lined with snap back closures.  $70 plus shipping

Teal Leaf Suit
Teal Leaf Suit with short skirt: shown on Silkstone BFMC body, but also fits the FR/FR2 as shown on Silver Zebra Suit. This version has a narrower collar and the shorter, unpleated skirt. Two piece, fully-lined with snap closures. $65 plus shipping.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Remaining IFDC Stock Part 2

Black and White Splash Flirt $45 plus shipping. Fits FR2 and BFMC

OOAK Blue Dream Sheath $35 plus shipping -- Fits FR2. Raw silk with ivory satin contrast

Blush Pink Roses $75 plus shipping. Pink silk dupioni with lace bodice and rose accents. This dress is fit to the FR2 or BFMC body, but Poppy is modeling because she was jealous, and thought the dress was perfect for her.

Blush Toile Flirt $45 plus shipping. Fit to FR2 and BFMC (2 available)


Tuxedo gown $80 plus shipping. Fits FR2 and BFMC-- silk taffeta with lace overlay and jeweled skirt detail



SOLD Zebra Flirt $45 plus shipping. Fits FR2 but smaller busted 12" dolls can wear it


Remaining IFDC Stock Part 1

I have a few remaining fashions from my recent trip to IFDC -- some Flirt dresses, as well as some sheaths (which will be posted later). I had the chance to visit the gorgeous Mission San Juan Capistrano on Saturday for one of Kenny's gigs, so brought a few girls along for a photoshoot. Then yesterday, I went along on another gig to a beautiful park in Thousand Oaks where I took a few more pics. Will be uploading these fashions over a couple of posts, so here is the first round!

SOLD -- available for Pre-Order --- Moss Flirt $45 plus shipping. Silk dress fit to FR2, but as shown, also works for the smaller busted dolls like Poppy and BFMC



SOLD --Available for Pre-Order -----Peridot Flirt $45 plus shipping. Silk dress fits Nu.Face (1 available)



SOLD OOAK Shibori Silk Flirt FR2 with straight bust line $45 plus shipping



SOLD OOAK Shibori Flirt Poppy/Nu.Face $45 plus shipping



Black Knit Dress and Necklace $25 plus shipping. Fits most small/mid busted 12" dolls