Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Few Dolls for Sale

Need to make some room, so have some great dolls looking for new homes.  All prices are plus insured shipping -- please include zipcode for shipping quote.  I do ship internationally, but only with accurate price info, and via insured Priority unless paid via personal Paypal. Mine is a smoke free home and I am the original owner for all the dolls.  I accept Paypal.  Please email me at [email]elisa@petraelise.com[/email]

NUDE:  Blood Lines Tatiana from IFDC.  She is in mint condition and comes with original box and shipper $160
NUDE: Workshop Vero from Tropicalia convention (red-head, long curled hair) $145
NUDE: Kyori Morning Dove ITBE Direct, mint condition, original box $70
NUDE: Anja Business Class, Jet Set Convention gift, mint condition $80
NUDE: Style Counsel Vero, hair down $75
NUDE: Fashion Explorer Vanessa (currently NRFB, so mint condition) $100

NRFB: Faded Desert Kyori $150 (will split -- $100 nude/$50 complete fashion)
NRFB: Black Orchid Vanessa Premiere convention centerpiece $225
NRFB: Bittersweet Eugenia Premiere convention $160
NRFB: Midnight Star Elise Premiere Convention Doll $395

I have additional dolls, and photos listed on Misterdollface:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Now for the latest Svelte dresses....


As always, price is plus $5 insured first class shipping and 9% sales tax for California residents.  Please indicate in email if you are a California resident.  
To purchase email me at: Elisa@PetraElise.com

Svelte Blue Diamond $46 -- ivory silk brocade from England with blue diamond pattern
Fits FR2

SOLD Svelte Gold and Blue Lace $48 -- golden silk dupioni with French blue lace overlay
Fits Poppy

 Svelte Grey Dots $46 --Shown on large bust FR, but quite snug.  Fits FR2 as shown in other svelte dresses.  Grey silk lightweight taffeta. 3 Available

SOLD Svelte Ivory Beads $51-- Ivory silk dupioni with lace overlay on skirt and hand beading.
Fits FR2
SOLD Svelte Silver Brocade $46 -- silver silk brocade from England.
Fits FR2

Svelte Dresses and Sale Dresses

Today's offerings are a combination of sale and regularly priced items -- First up are the sale items.  All are plus $5 insured first class shipping and 9% sales tax for California Residents (Please let me know when inquiring if you are a California resident so that I can include the tax in your invoice.)  For orders of more than one fashion, combined shipping is available, and will be adjusted in the invoice -- actual postage plus paypal fee on postage amount.

Email me at: Elisa@PetraElise.com to purchase. 


$20 (Originally $25) LBD  of textured knit fabric and necklace

Moonlit Bridal $85 (Original Price $110) Includes Dress and Veil

Blue Dream silk sheath $25 (Originally $35) 

 Beaded Cupcake $35 (Original price $50) in irridescent yellow silk taffeta
Fits Poppy

SOLD Beaded Ultra Mini Cupcake $35 (Original Price $45) in shimmery gold silk dupioni
Fits Poppy

 Blush Lace Gown $60 (Original price $70) with rhinestone detail
Shown on large bust FR
Ivory Lace Gown $60 (Original price $70) with silk charmeuse bow
Shown on FR2

New Fashions

Hey Everyone  -- giving a heads up post that later this evening I will be putting up a few new fashions, as well as a few (photo preview included below) that were previously offered and are now being offered at a sale price -- new price will be posted this evening. 
I will actually be going out of town tomorrow late afternoon, so all shipments will be done early next week, but I do expect to be able to respond promptly to all email inquires. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shibori Svelte Dresses SOLD

I have more shibori silk, so may do more in this collection this winter

The Shibori Silk series are OOAK, and made with hand dyed shibori silk from renowned artist Carter Smith. Fit is to the new FR body, but also works with BFMC and new NuFace as shown on some of the dresses. Price is $48 plus insured first class shipping for US customers.  For International please inquire and include shipping destination.  Elisa@PetraElise.com
Shibori Svelte Turquoise  SOLD Teal Shibori Svelte

Shibori Svelte Purples SOLD Black Rainbow Shibori Svelte

Shibori Golden Bronze Svelte SOLD Golden Bronze Shibori Svelte

Shibori Golden Purple SvelteSOLD  Golden Purple Shibori Svelte Shibori Red Dragon Svelte SOLD Red Dragon Shibori Svelte

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Collection Update

The Blush and Ageless Collections are now sold out -- but there will be a few more pieces added to each collection, so if you haven't already done so, subscribe to the blog notifications to be in the first to know when the new fashions are available.

There are a few fashions left in the Svelte Et Al Collection, with more Svelte dresses on the way soon!  Svelte Blue Splash will be available again soon, if you missed out this round.

And a huge thank-you for all of the lovely messages I've received about these collections -- I deeply appreciate it

Hugs, Elisa

Monday, March 9, 2015

Svelte Et Al

Svelte Et Al

The thought behind this collection is that some collectors love gowns, and some prefer cocktail dresses.  I decided to play with the idea of using the same fabric to make a version of each.  In some cases, I only ended making either the gown, or the dress because sometimes that's just the way the fabric speaks to me.  This collection also introduces my new pattern, Svelte, which I will be showcasing this year in a variety of fabrications, cleavage, and embellishment.  The primary fit is to the medium/small busted girls --FR2, BFMC, but the versions with less cleavage also fit well on Poppy and Nu.Face bodies. Because my life is extremely chaotic right now, since my Dad moved in, I am not taking pre-orders on Svelte dresses.  However, I will make a list of requests (email me the fabric and cleavage preference), and as time permits I will make up dresses from the list and notify you of availability, and allowing 24 hours notice before posting the fashions on the blog for general purchase.  (Please note, if you click on the photo it will show you a larger version)

Blue Monet Bustier Gown  OOAK

Gorgeous shimmery shades of blue with metallic threads woven thru, this two-piece gown features deep blue beading on the bodice, and is fully-lined with snap back closure.  Fit to FR2, it is actually shown on BOD and BFMC dolls.  The BOD body creates a little more va-va-voom for the bustier.  Skirt length will only work for BFMC if a round-based stand is used, as in the photo.  
SOLD $65 plus shipping (and 9% sales tax for California residents)

Svelte Blue Monet

Fit specifically to the new Nu.Face body, this Svelte dress is embellished with beads on the bodice, is fully-lined with snap back closure

SOLD $50 plus shipping (and 9% sales tax for California residents)


Entwined in beautiful pink ribbon trim, this black silk dupioni two-piece bustier gown is fit to the FR2 body, although it will fit other medium/small busted dolls.  Skirt length is the same as Blue Monet, and if used on BFMC body will need a base/stand to display properly.  Fully lined, snap back closure.
HOLD $60 plus shipping (and 9% sales tax for California residents)

Molten Gold Bustier OOAK

Incredibly beautiful deep gold brocade needs no embellishment.  Two-piece bustier gown is fully-lined with snap back closure.  Fit to the FR2 body, same as the other bustier gowns.  This fabric is quite delicate, and must be handled with care so that is does not snag.
SOLD $55 plus shipping (and 9% sales tax for California residents)

Svelte Blue Splash

Lovely navy blue fabric with splashes of shimmery silver blue make this Svelte dress a show stopper.   Shown with deep cleavage, and fit to the FR2 body, this dress also works for most medium/small busted bodies.  Fully-lined, snap back closure.
SOLD (will have more made at some point) $45 plus shipping (and 9% sales tax for California residents)

Svelte Golden Shimmer

This ultra limited gold fabric shimmers beautifully in the light.  Shown with more modest cleavage, this dress was fit to the FR2 body, but as you can see, looks amazing on BFMC, as well as Poppy.
$45 plus shipping (and 9% sales tax for California residents)

Many more Svelte dresses to come!  As always, to check availability, email me at: Elisa@PetraElise.com (Please include state/country for postage and tax if applicable)

Blush Collection

Blush Collection

At the moment, the Blush Collection consists of just two OOAK fashions, but I expect to add a few more pieces.  Both fashions fit the medium/smaller busted girls, from the FR2, Poppy to BFMC, although they were specifically fit to the FR2.  Each fashion was made with attention to detail, and with hand sewn elements.  (Please note, if you click on the photo it will show you a larger version)

Blush Waterfall

OOAK hand draped silk gauze top with floral lace applique, beading and tiny ribbon bows fall gracefully over a matching floral lace skirt.  Fully lined (top self-lined with gauze, skirt with lining fabric) with snap back closure.
SOLD $95 plus shipping (9% Sales Tax for California Residents)

Blush Ralph and Russo

OOAK Ralph and Russo inspired silk gauze and lace dress. As soon as I saw this fashion, I knew I had to make a version for our diminutive divas.  Fully-lined, attached silk ribbon belt and snap back closure.
SOLD $95 plus shipping (9% Sales Tax for California Residents)

Please email me at: Elisa@PetraElise.com for availability of these fashions.  Please include State or Country for postage amount (and sales tax if applicable)

Ageless Collection


Vintage inspired, beaded lace is the crowning element of this mini-collection.  Each piece is OOAK, and hand appliqued, incorporating hours of work in stunning attention to detail.  Fashions are of silk dupioni, fully-lined with snap back closures.  I expect to add a few more pieces to this collection in the months ahead.  (Please note, if you click on the photo it will show you a larger version)

  Ageless Chic

Cleavage down to there, this fabulous cocktail dress fits the larger busted FR girls
SOLD $60 plus shipping (9% Sales Tax for California Residents)


Ageless In Ivory

Poppy is utterly opulent in this regal gown featuring silk tulle ruching, in addition to the hand appliqued lace, beading and bow accent.  Fits Poppy only.
SOLD $125 plus shipping (9% Sales Tax for California Residents)

 Ageless In Blue

Demure and incredibly elegant, Poppy is ready for the evening in this stunning gown.  The lace has been meticulously shaped and applied to the base gown and then finished with blue silk accents.  
Fits Poppy only.
SOLD $125 plus shipping (9% Sales Tax for California Residents) 

Please email me at: Elisa@PetraElise for availability of these OOAK fashions.  Include your state/country for postage amount, and tax if applicable.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Belated New Year!

It's been a crazy time in my life since early December, when I found out that my elderly father had been abandoned by his "girlfriend/wife" and was alone at his home even though he has advanced dementia.  I had to travel up to his town to get him, which involved a 5 day stay in the ICU for him after he went missing and had a heart attack and fell in a stream during a cold rainstorm.  Since then, he has been living in our home, and requires care 24/7 as he has not one, but two forms of dementia both of which are in the later stages. 

In addition to dealing with his mental and physical health issues (he has advanced prostate cancer as well as a major heart condition) I have also been coping with numerous legal matters as a result of attempted elder financial abuse, and accusations of domestic violence against him.  It's all kept me incredibly busy, especially since my husband has been out of town a LOT with some amazing gig opportunities that came up this month.  But, I have managed to sneak in a bit of sewing time!!

I have a few clients who are interested in suits, and I will be following up with you all within the next few weeks to see if you are still wanting to proceed with those orders.  Because of all the chaos in my life, and the weeks and weeks I spent doing suits, I needed a bit of a creative break from them, hence the continued delay on the remaining suit requests.  I was able to get my hands on some incredible beaded laces and evening fabrics back in November, so have been exploring these pieces and will be unveiling a collection of cocktail and evening fashions soon.  Many pieces are already done, except for a few finishing touches.  I'm enjoying this range of fashions so much, that I keep starting a new one, and haven't yet gotten ready to photograph and present the collection, so as soon as I can tear myself away from the fun of creation, I'll get busy with taking those pictures.

Here is a teaser shot from one of the gowns  --