Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 Integrity Convention Sales

Well, I definitely am not a good blogger -- it's been a few years since I have posted anything on this blog, but since I will be managing quite a few items for sale at this years Integrity convention, I thought the blog platform would be the easiest way to post pics and updates for convention items.
The sales room will operated a bit differently this year, as many of you already know, and this is making things a bit more stressful for me in terms of letting everyone know what I'm selling. I just won't have as much time to post pics to lots of different people, and wait to hear back with lots of emails. So, I will be posting pics here starting on Halloween morning (assume it will be no later than 11:30 am PST 10/31 for first posts, earlier if there is a display outside of the store) and going throughout convention of whatever I have to sell. Because of the new system for salesroom access, I will have a very small window for guaranteed purchase of convention collection dolls. I have a shopping time slot in the morning, and my husband has one in the afternoon -- so as soon as I have photos of what I am choosing to sell, I will post them here, and the first person to send payment prior to my husband's appointed time of 3:45 will secure the doll/s. I will monitor my emails frequently, and send a confirmation email or refund as applicable.
It is entirely possible that I will choose to sell my Agnes or Poppy, so if you haven't secured either of those as a pre-sell, please check here on Halloween. Basically, anything I don't choose to keep in my collection will be offered here, and some things may have a very short window of availability. I will be attending the WClub lunch as well, and don't collect Victoire, so expect a short window on Saturday for anything from that event.
I will also be doing a limited amount of presales, as two of my daughters will also be attending as subs, and I will have some additional convention collection dolls which I prefer to pre-sell at a potentially lower price than I will be asking once the dolls are shown. Also, anyone who would like to pay via check or money order will get a discount of $6 for the paypal fee. Payment for presales must be received by me no later than 10/26 -- any remaining dolls after that date will be offered for sale during convention. The dolls available for pre-sale are as follows (all are plus shipping):
Paparazzi Darling Adele $210
Breathless Vero $210
Bewitching Vero $210
Brazen Beauty Natalia $210
Bittersweet Eugenia $250
Please email me at: if you would like to arrange to purchase any of these pre-sale dolls. I suggest subscribing to the blog or follow by email in order to receive email notifications as I post pics and announcements about availability during convention. This email can also be used for Paypal.
Basic FAQs about how I do sales -- all prices do not including shipping -- I charge exact postage plus paypal fee on the postage amount. Because I don't know how much the postage will be, I usually send the postage amount due on the Monday following convention, then ship once postage fees are paid. If you prefer to prepay a reasonable shipping fee at the time you pay for the item, I will refund any overages or let you know if there is a balance due. If you are looking for a ballpark amount, I suggest going to the USPS website and checking how much it is to ship a 2 lb box from zipcode 90064 to your own zipcode. The boxes may weigh more or less, but it will give you an idea. I ship via Priority Insured or Domestic First Class Insured if the weight amount is under 13 ozs. For international buyers I only ship Priority Insured -- this is insanely expensive, so please don't contact me unless you know starting postage is $35 and up even for a few ounces. I will ship to a shipping buddy if their name and address are on the paypal payment, or if you pay via paypal personal or check/money order. All payments must be made in US$. I'm also happy to give items to friends who are attending con for them to deliver to you, but these also must be paid via personal paypal, or have your friend pay in person at convention.
It can be very difficult to field lots of emails from 10 different people all at the same time, so if you have any questions, please ask them now if at all possible, and understand that I won't hold any items -- I will sell to who ever is the first person who sends payment, and will promptly issue a refund for any payment on a item that already sold. I will endeavor to respond asap if you email about availability but can't guarantee how long something will stay available. I will also update the blog to keep the availability as current as possible. Part of the reason I am not holding items is because of the salesroom changes this year, and also because in past years I have spent a lot of time going back and forth with someone, answering questions, having them confirm that they wish to purchase -- and then they buy it from someone else , don't tell me for a day or two and I've now turned away other people. It creates a lot of extra work for me and I just don't want to deal with it this year. I have many referrals and am happy to provide them on request.

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